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The Solution to Recruiting in Japan

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With over 10 years of providing end to end recruiting solutions for many different industries, ESS International is uniquely positioned to manage all your recruiting needs with a high quality of service, scalability and flexibility.
In house recruiting
Interim HR
President of IT Software Company

ESS International would be an incredibly valuable asset to any company. They bring a unique mixture of various skill sets to the team.


During my time with them at my company, they did an incredible job around recruiting (best ever I have worked with), as well as  dramatically improving the enablement and new employee on boarding process.


Their contribution in finding great talent and then quickly getting them contribute to the business was outstanding.

President of Telecommunications Solutions Company

 ESS International did a great job managing HR for Japan.


 Following my reassignment, they were responsible for managing

 the closure of the Japan Telco Division.


 Through increasing responsibility and challenges, they showed

 adaptability and the knowledge of Japanese culture and business

 to resolve any questions and issues that arose, allowing our

 company to withdraw with minimal disruption to local customers.

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