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So what do you do when your HR leader decides to move on to a fresh challenge and you need to keep the HR 



Finding the right training courses for each individual, whilst maintaining productivity and not losing focus is a challenge in any organization. ESS International works with the individuals in the organization offering advice and support in finding the right training programs.

If the individual is getting regular training and personal improvement, the desire to change positions is reduced.


Career Planning

Overlooked by many companies, this is an excellent way to develop loyalty from your staff and to show them that you care about their future and understand their individuality. ESS International can work closely with HR and with the individual to understand the future plans of both and to see how the future can be mapped out for the individual. This can be done as a form of incentive creating a positive (non-financial) gain for both company and individual.


Retention programs

There are many ways a company can guard against losing staff. Many of these activities are proactive and should be a part of the culture of the company, but there are specific ways that a company can protect against unwanted approaches to their employees.


Organizational Change

When a company changes there are always perceived gains and loses to the individuals of the organization. In periods of change it is always vitally important to communicate the changes to the organization, and try and understand peoples perceptions.

ESS International, with many years experience in assessing people and organizations, can work closely with HR to understand the potential problems, can offer confidential counselling to the people involved and can work to help effectively manage the changes.

- Steve McLoughlin, APAC Sales & Strategy Enablement
Gary has a unique blend of a deep understanding of Japanese business culture and the western approach to business. I found Gary applied this effectively during the transition of the Japan business into the wider APAC organisation.”  
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