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Your employer has many employees to look after.

You just have yourself.

Therefore whose responsibility is it to manage your career?


Many people make the mistake of not taking charge of their career and therefore their lives and leave it up to their employer. In the days of ‘lifetime employment’, people didn’t have to worry about their careers, but now you do as you are likely to find yourself looking for a new job at least once or twice during your lifetime.


‘Before you begin a search it is best to know

what it is you are looking for.’


Whether you are out of work looking for a way back into working life or looking for your next step up the career ladder, ESS International is ideally placed to offer you impartial advice on your career. Representing various high profile companies, ESS may be able to help you directly into your next position or may just be able to best advise you on the way to succeed.


If you are proactively looking for a new challenge, there are various services that ESS International can offer depending on your needs.


One-2-One meeting

The Objective of the meeting is to allow us to find out what drives you and your career history to date in detail. Following this meeting our consultants will be able to advise you on the best course of action in your search.


Resume writing/assistance

If you are struggling with your resume, we can offer you advice on the best way to present your experience and skills and in some cases can write resumes for you.


Psychometric testing advice/training

With qualified testers working in the consultancy we can offer advice on how to approach certain tests and what to look out for when doing them.

‘In absence of clearly defined goals,

we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.’


90% of people ESS International interviews have no long-term career plans. It is impossible to know if the career steps you are taking today are going to help you tomorrow unless you have, even a basic plan for your future. Despite this, many people drift without direction in their career. ESS International is dedicated to bringing direction to the individuals that it works with and helping them develop their careers with goals and objectives to aim for.


Our career planning program can be as detailed or as concept as the individual requires, but each is tailored to the different individuals needs.


If you would like to know more about how we can help you get the most out of your career, please mail us at

- John Adey, Executive Partner
Gary was the consultant that helped me make my first international move. He was very supportive and offered great advice. He is always available to offer advice and support whenever I need it, even though he hasn’t been directly involved in my career moves for a while. Gary is someone that I would highly recommend.
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